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(Several of my more recent CDs are still in the production process.)

fWaterbound Naked in a Thunderstorm Sweet, Salty, Swing Let Down Anchor I Hope I Live a Few More Days Rocky Banks of the Buffalo Lovesick Ramblers and Lowdown Rounders The House Carpenter Best Blues It Hurts Me Too If Youse a Viper Coal Creek Blues You Might Be Dreamin' Jungle Hunter Fortune Cookies Jug Band Era Music Country Humor Barrelhouse Blues Marble Tomb Love Always Wins Lost John Riley Poetry in Motion He Was a Friend of Mine High On a Mountaintop Holy Grail Blues Fresh Biscuits Searchin' the Desert for the Blues Thge Hearts of Men Sweet & Mortal Doom
Honey Where You Been So Long? Cold Frosty Morning Sedgefiueld Fair Character Sketches Next Sunday Ten Songs Blues Rye Whiskey Too Much of a Good Thing Cypress Grove Blues Rock My New Celtic You Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around Ballad Singer Volume Two Ballad Singer Volume 1 Broke & Hungry My Little Town The Cutty Wren The Blind Fiddler Love Is Pleasin' Oh the Dreadful Wind & Rain Windy Bill The Fates Long Lost Friend Roll On John Since I Fell for You Wasn't That a Mighty Storm Stavin' Chain
Turn Your Lamp Down Low Dealin' With the Devil Suspension Bridge O Brother Green Old Lamkin Raindrops City Dog If I Coud Shimmy Like My Sister Kare Big Boat Up the River Solitude Nobody But the Baby Downtime Every Child Glory Hole Virginia's Alders Country Dog Missing Links Choo Choo Ch'Boogie The Baffled Suitor I Want Some of Your Pie Vignettes Santy Anno Move That Thing Grandpa's Advice The Great Unknown Sometimes I Walk Bully of the Town My New Country
Transfixed In A Little Village Churchyard How You Want Your Rollin' Done? Presence Maid On The Shore Yes You Can Boats in the Harbor TV Time Tables Mule Get Up the Alley Lord Franklin Old Man Mose Is Dead The Sporting Cowboy Listening to the Wind Thing Called Love Rogues Reckless Rambling Boys What Ails Thee Lucy Wan? Everything I Do Is Wrong River Ran Dry Last Kind Words Folk Ballads Wandering Earrings Rabbits in the Pea Patch Stay All Night Grandpa Drinks in Town Wild Bill Jones Rag Mama Rag A Picture from Life's Other Side One Love Ends
Down In Iowa City Pick Poor Robin Clean Tent Party Sorry To See Her Go Just a Harp Ruined to Perfection When I Was a Boy The More You Become Yourself Listening In Bringing the Horizon How're Ya Doin? Mount & Go Well Below the Valley-O Bound to Ride You Don't Know My Mind Watermelon Smiling On the Vine Skylark The Cuckoo Trouble In Mind Son of the Washerwoman I've Rambled This Country What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? My Own Way Becalmed All the Good Times Are Past & Gone Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Sadie Green Fair & Tender Ladies I've Come to Rely On You Taliesin Ocean Breeze The Shape I'm In
Young Edmund Buffalo Boy Courtroom of Cat Man Blues Olympus Bad Luck Blues Try Me One More Time Twist It Babe Ten Ballads Diamonds in the Rough Gentle Cruisin' Knight William Let It Go By Love Has Brought Me To Despair Life Goes By Good Long While Not Every Road Pretty Polly The Owl Old Smokey Sweet Potato Blues Lady Be Good Back Door Stranger A Shining Piece of Gold Dollar Bill Blues Red Hot & Icy Blue The Old Chisholm Trail The Furies Intention A Horse Named Bill Garten Mother's Lullaby
I'm a Stranger Here Fishin' Blues Keep It Clean The Mississippi Meandering Michelangelo She's Your Cook Rainforest Vacation Dream Walkin' Blues He's Got Plans American Eden I've Been All Around This World Lifetime Lovers The Deeper You Go Down Along the River-O The Devil & the Farmer's Wife Short Life of Trouble Weary Blues from Waitin' Buckin' Bronco Wallflower Blues Banjo Music Loving Nancy Here's the Song Final Kiss Don't Put That Thing On Me The Mackerel of the Sea Spoonful I Can't Dance Soon One Morning Diggin' My Potatoes Trouble So Hard
God Don't Like It Too Far Gone Believe I'll Make a Change Mortal Woe Hot Corn Cold Corn Brother That's All Blow the Candles Out Mr. Railroad Man Take a Drink On Me The Hobo Life Hesitation Blues Don't Touch Me Tomato We Never Held Onto It Long The Divide On Seeing the Elephant Jump & Jive Limited Time Offer Me & the Moon The Glory of Love The Dying Cowboy The Pool Hall She Ain't No Good Banks of the Sweet Primroses Factory Girl Candy Man Mountain of Love A Winter's Day Low-Down Hangin' Round Blues & Bluegrass Please Baby Nobody's Business
Shady Grove Captured in the Chase Hoedown Buffalo Skinners Rocks & Gravel Boy Got a Fever Just For You Eternal Light Straining Against the Moon Don't Take My Dreams Away Cowboy Mania Yellow Bird Small Town Boy Baking Powder Biscuit Blues Salty Dog Rag The Santa Fe Trail Early Banjo Ragtime Blues Loaves & Fishes The picture on the Package Down at the River Love Is Born A King in Chains Some Fine Day Beggar's Song The Cruel Mother The Scapegoat See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Rising Sun Blues Honey Baby Folk & Blues I'll Get Along Somehow
The Lake Muskrat All Around Man One Way Out More Old Favorites Old Favorites Give It Up and Go On For All That Star Crossed Rusty Old Boat Little Queen of Spades Wash Away Today Workin' at the Conoco The Everlasting Blues Local Fare Who Do You Love? Down in the Willow Garden Original Rock & Blues To His Coy Mistress Pass Around the Bottle Run Come See Jerusalem Time's Gone Precious Music of the Spheres Midwest Gothic A Month of Sundays Stop & Listen A Rose Touched by the Sun's Warm Rays Sporting Life Blues Who Killed Cock Robin? This Will Bring You Back Paper Moon
Go Down Country Western Sea of Fate Dear Companion Moonshiners Do Wop & Old Rock The Delivery Man: Selected Original Blues & Rock We Know More Than We Know Payday Boogie Woogie Country Girl Lay Some Flowers on My Grave Pal of Mine Hammers in the Distance Majestic Good Mornin' Blues Jet Black Mare Three Ravens Cowboy Eros Some Says Two Magicians Old Ties Sultry Blues: Selected Blues Tracks Best Ballads II Just a Dream Little Ball of Yarn Old Mule Cowboy Classics (and a Little Jazz) Inside Out Blues Half of the World Promised Land Old Black Dog Blues
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Winter Zeus A Little Swing Cluck Old Hen Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow Rough Neck Blues Mainline Poor Boy Long Way from Home Musta Done Somebody Wrong Stop Down Turn Around The Loveliest Song: Selected Gospel Songs Whiskey in the Jar The Rambler Whoa Buck Thwarted Love Guitar & Drums Fallen by the Wayside The Honest Ploughman Dithyrambs Cambric Shirt Wise County Jail Latin Rhythms Passion Play Lever's Froze Leavin' Trunk My Sweet Farm Girl Everybody Wants to Be Somebody Classic: Selected Blues and R&B Next-Door Neighbor Blues Pony Blues
Fighting the War with Spain Here With Me Deadheads & Suckers Mailman Blues The Undertaker's Story Red River Blues Tending the Forge A Sailor Being Tired Two Butchers The Unquiet Grave Hotwire Oxford Girl: Songs of Murder & Betrayal Church Bell Blues Calvary Backbeat Old Gold: Celtic Ballads Sail Away Ladies Red Hot Blues Love Changes Everything Barnyard Blues Balance Old Love Letter Times a-Gettin' Hard Don't Mistrust Love Best Jazz Best Ballads Best Bluegrass Cold Lonely Crossroads Choice Cuts Old Jazz & Blues The Downtown Stomp
Family Guest Room Blinded To Sea Once More Internet Cowboy Oh, Death! Humbug Night Herding Blues Anthology Selected Ragtime Blues Not My Blues Venus Rising Traveling Along Songs Take Off These Chains The Way I Like to Do Selected Folk & Country Songs Shake & Break It New Work Trads Smoke & Fire From a Hotel Window Listening to the Wind Selected Works Old Time Express Just a Man Vintage Chug From the Jug Lover's Waltz Creation The Way Home It's Tough to Be Me
Better Late Than Never Shoot the Moon Left My Gal in the Mountains Early Blues & Country Studies for Guitar Bridges & Backroads Silver & Gold Winter Thaw Flashback The Shining Man Let Love Live Live from the Inside Silver Jack Undone in Sorrrow A Fallow Field Life Gets Tedious, Don't It? Celtic Ballads & Melodies Lonesome Road Blues Delta Slide The Philosopher Obscure Folk Music from the Heart of the Middle West Abject Splendor Cotton Mill Cabbage Head: Folk & Folk Blues Tip the Moon Over Side Street Shuffle Black Sheep Blues Shanty Elegy Over the Moon Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Don't You Dare Touch It Loafin' Time Lost Roses & Wine The Inner Pair The Low & Lonesome Sea Rustlers & Ridge Folk The Dreary Black Hills Sing All Day A Handful of Song Peaches in the Springtime: Prewar Blues A Slice of American Pie Who Broke the Lock on the Henhouse Door? A Poor & a Rambling Boy Story Songs Sunflowers Humpty Dumpty Wreck on the Highway A Soldier Traveling from the North Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Diamond Joe Troubles of My Own Angel Wings, Apron Strings Driving in the Fog Adrift Shadows Skiffle & Sizzle Shake That Thing The Wheel of Karma When Your Way Gets Dark Bullfrog Blues
Roses & Thorns Broke Down Cowboy Urban Vampire Death Letter Too Tight The Lost Highway Come Into My Kitchen Let Me Play Your Vendor Drunken Driver In the Smithy of the Soul Flying Crow Blues These Blues Sweeney Astray Pig in a Pen The Young Man Without Sense Ramblin' Reflections Skillet Good & Greasy Powerhouse Livin' in a Strain When the Sun Goes Down Matchbox Blues The Milwaukee Blues Chicken Roost Behind the Moon Small Town Cafe Old Folk Music A Reek & a Rambling Blade Americana Old Time Blues Ragtime Rabbit House
In My Blues Booga Rooga Bull Cow Blues My Wandering Boy A Pot of Tea Wreck of the Somerset Black is the Color In the Pines Down with the Old Canoe In Our Town A Beer at the Legion with You One Friday Morning At Home The Eyes of a Song Looking Glass My Best Poetics More Old Blues New River Train Long Gone John The Cherry Tree Progress The Dead Looking Toward the Light The Song is the Seed Long Time Gone Tumbleweed Golden Day Highway 30 Blues Your Feet's Too Big RIVER OF SONG
Didn't He Ramble? Woe Is the Way What the Crow Told Me Prairie Music A Cowboy's Soul Engine 143 We Can't Go On Like This The Willow Tree Boat's Up the River Down Home Orpheus The Wolf The Drunken Poet Casey Jones Jack O' Diamonds Bull Doze Blues An Angel Fell from Heaven Yesterday Banty Rooster Blues Wild Rippling Waters Broke Down Blues The Man in the Wood Over the Factory Wall Wild Over Me Menagerie Spread Your Wings The Turning Point The Source of Song River Night Song Alchemy Black Dog Blues Good Old Songs
Headin' Down the Road Try Love The Lost Soul Small Town Sunday Old & Broken Songs of Love & Shipwreck Just One More Song Ballads & Jigs Our Daily Song Country Blues Ship of Love Snow Across the Road The Midwest Heartsick Lovesick Fool Barn Out Back Life of Rhyme Pantheon Lonesome Old Pictures Old Blues Heartwood On the Road One Just Man Poseidon Cronos Transformation Game of Perception Map of Paradise Pictures in My Mind The Well of Song Locks & Keys
Wide Open Spaces Echo and Narcissus Crumble to Dust Song Mill Nemesis 99.3 Emptiness Rebirth Mountaintop Bluegrass & Blues Wheel of Misfortune Bitter Sweet The Utmost Farthing All the Livelong Day Backroads Blues Flang That Thang music from the moon Bright Morning Stars It's a Small, Small Town What You Leave Behind way downtown Get Used to the Light airs & flings Hard Times prairie schooner lion's cage acoustic muse Westward The Country Life the country life Long Black Train


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Several of my more recent CDs are still in the production process.
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