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At times, I've been tempted, this time successfully, to adapt some of my favorite poetic works to music.

"In Search of the Sublime" includes musical renderings of Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," the Shaker hymn "Samanthra," a section of the Celtic myth-poem "Sweeney Astrey," and the Welsh proto-poem "Hanes Taliesin."

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This CD contains 8 original songs and two traditional lullabyes. The feel of the original songs ranges from blues to country to light rock.

My website previously had a "library" of my work, where you could choose a CD image and go to the corresponding sales page. Due to changes in the media production system, my CDs are now listed through If you go to Amazon and search under my name, you should find hundreds of listings for audio CDs, books of poems, and my art history documentary "Poetry of Place."

Also, feel free to enjoy nearly four hours of free listening by choosing the podcasts below. I created these with radio in mind, but then I discovered how easy it is to podcast from a website. Two hours of folk ballads and two hours of blues roots.



Lately, I've been creating podcasts and distributing them through for radio play.

These podcasts can also be streamed. Here are the four podcasts I've done so far:



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